Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Best To Ever Do It!

Bruce Lee, nuff said!
I've been searching for a minute for a large piece to cover one of my living room walls and I've narrowed it down to three different pieces. My newest aquisition is this original Italian 1 sheet of Bruce Lee's "Way Of The Dragon". It's been linen backed and is a massive 39x55 that would definitely fit proper in the space. It'll cost a few bucks to get framed but well worth it. Decisions....


Blax said...

Niceness! And linen backed too? I need to get some of my 1 sheets linen backed so I can frame and display a few of them at least. Right now, I just have a few framed lobby cards hanging.


Daily Diggers said...

"Be like water my friend!"

BRUCE will look dope framed. Nice acquisiton Skeme.


blax said...

Way of the Dragon is on Spike right now!