Saturday, July 25, 2009

Staying Busy!

Its been a crazy week and I've still got another 48hrs left with things today. Things started off in the beginning of the week with me locked in the lab trying to finish or should I say start a new cd (I've been slacking on getting something new out). Fast forward to Thursday for an early morning commute to NYC to spend a day getting filmed for a UK London TV show about the UK Championships. The show travels the globe follow various crews around to get there take and story on their life and how they prepare for the annual event. This is the second season of the show, which airs on network television and I've been blessed with being featured on the first show that kicks off the new season in October. So the cameras spent the day following me around as we hit a few landmark locations that are important to the Hip Hop culture and then to top it off we hit "Big City Records" where I do a little record shopping for some gems. So that turned into an 8 hour day of cameras rolling and hoping in and out of cabs.

Last night I smash The Walnut Room as usual, one thing that confuses me though is how people want and can grind to reggae shit but when you just throw on some end of the nighter shit they cant dance to it! Its the same damn tempo yet they seem off beat!

Today will be another long day, up early to bounce to New York for Rock Steady Crew anniversary. After that its off to "The Great Expression" party that I do along with Unkle Chip and Teknyc @ Stay Lounge. Another really dope party!

Sunday is all about sleep, thats all. No music, no phones, nothing!


miguel said...

haha so true about the reggae part. that's my que to hit up the bar and get some drinks haha. not that i hate reggae music, it's just not my thing and it gets me blah.

Skeme Richards said...

Exactly! If its not your steez then definitely hit the bar. But at times I get bboys that will break to it???? And then others look out of place, but then you get couples that really get it in and are having fun.

Yo, I'll be back out in Seattle / Portland in Sept.

miguel said...

oh word up. till then i'll catch you on september in seattle.