Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Excursion Part 1

It's been a minute since I've woke up early on a Saturday to hit the streets on some discovery mission. So today I woke up bright and early to hit this indoor flea market and actually found a few gems. First was a martial arts / self defense store that had all kinds equipment but what got me was the fact they had a few things from my youth, throwing stars, nunchakus, swords, Bruce Lee sand filled wall striking pads and more. So of course the kid in me spent some of my allowance on a few things, not much just adding to what I kept since my childhood and a few things that I never got.

After that I re-discovered a toy store that I hadn't been to in about 15 yrs because they moved and I never knew the location. This place had everything from action figures, models, playsets, Godzilla and other Japanese pieces and more. So of course I bought a few more things from there as well.

The Store Walls

*There was even a vender that had crazy 45's which I'll post in a separate entry in in my blog.

There was a guy who had a video store with a nice selection of Kung Fu, Blaxploitation and other flix but my response to everything that he tried to sell me was, "Got it", "been had it", "not that good". Don't try to sell me stuff, I'm not your everyday joker.


mark said...

Toy store looks promising!!


Skeme Richards said...

Yes sir! They had a lot of stuff I wouldn't mind spending some cash on!

venoms5 said...

Man, a buddy of mine in NYC has got hundreds of Godzilla toys. BIG ONES. The gargantuas, Mecha G, several different incarnations of Godzilla, the Japan King Kong, Mechani-Kong and on and on. He's also got every friggin' ULTRAMAN figure. Some awesome artifacts there, too.

This store looks nice, too Skeme.

Skeme Richards said...

There's nothing like the big Godzilla and Japanese toys, I wish I had more of them actually. This store has a huge selection of everything and every brand toy.