Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Morning Toons

Not sure how many of my readers or Hot Peas and Butta people remember this but regardless you should know of its existance!

If you were planted in front of your television 39 years ago today, and had the dial set to ABC, then you were watching the premier of the new Jackson 5ive cartoon. You followed young Michael on his adventures to save Rosie the Snake from Diana Ross’s dressing room, which, of course, finished in a surprise ending.

*Courtesy Spinning Soul

I've been reppin that Jackson 5 goodness for ever!


venoms5 said...

I vaguely remember this one, Skeme, but hell yes my dial was set on ABC Saturday mornings! BATTLE OF THE PLANETS and THUNDARR were huge faves back then and those cartoon commercials like School House Rock are well remembered.

Skeme Richards said...

Oh how I used to love Battle of the planets and Thundarr! Yeah there was nothing like Saturday morning tv!