Monday, May 21, 2012

It's The Sure Shot

Seems to be alot of people complaining about the state of and lack of good music coming out these days but in my opinion I think those people just aren't looking in the right places to find it.  There are several independent labels releasing good tunes especially the Sure Shot! label ran by fellow Kung Fu film lover and beatsmith Paul Nice.  His new collaborative 12" with the one and only dig king, MC extraordinaire Soulman aka Phill Most Chill make up the duo known as The Fabreeze Brothers showed up at my doorstep today delivered by J. Jonah Jameson himself as he was on his way to the Daily Bugle.  The two cuts "Power Man & Iron Fist" and "Phyllis Diller" are just what the doctor ordered in these lackluster times of petty rappers and cliche overly used synth / Electronic Dance Music producers, The Fabreeze Brothers are hear to fight the power and bring justice back to the ear drums!

I have to give extra credit on this one to Hot Peas & Butta lead designer The Elroy Jenkins for really coming correct with the art and design on this one.

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