Monday, February 4, 2013

Kings Without Crowns

I've been fortunate and blessed to have been put in a position to where I can travel the world, eat great foods, see interesting things and meet amazing people.  And from time to time said people are entrepreneurs and business men / women who set out to create their own lanes based off of their passions and interests.  One of the great things about meeting people who are also still in the "building" stages and growing more and more everyday is the opportunity to network and grow together.  The homies from the "Kings Without Crowns" brand sent me over a nice package of t shirts, sweats and hoodies which comes at a perfect time before heading out on my European Tour.  Being able to rock their brand worldwide not only builds a connection with their supporters to myself but also people who support me to connect with them which is what I love about independent companies.  It's a mutual love and respect about ones art that finds me as a King without a crown, yet I've traveled and inspired many lands without the need to conquer them!

Major shouts to KWOC and be sure to check them out at for fresh shit!

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