Friday, May 24, 2013

Kareem, One of The Greatest of All Time.

I'm out here in Thun Switzerland talking sneaker talk with my Rock Steady Crew fam, Jazzy Jes and EZ Mike who are diehard Adidas lovers and the conversation comes up about vintage Adidas and my favorites of all time.  One of the pairs that are in my Top 5 are the Kareem Abdul Jabbar's low top or hi top.  I remember when these first dropped back in the early 80's I got my first pair of white with blue stripes and my little girl friend at the time had the same pair with yellow stripes, brings back so many memories.  Not only did I love his shoe but he was one of my favorite players even before he was on the Lakers.  Anyway, I came across these 2 videos of this guy who has 2 mint pairs, still looks as fresh as the day the came out. I always loved the pair with his face on the tongue over the Skyhook tongue.

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