Monday, July 8, 2013

Visual Curation

Now you maybe asking yourself why do you have 3 VCR's stacked with VHS tapes right?  Well here's the answer.  Next week I'll be DJing and spinning Funk & Soul 45s at Chicago's Soul Summit Party, and in addition to blessing you with musical gems for your dancing pleasure, the resident DJ's asked if I would curate the visuals for the evening as well.  If you've ever been to a Hot Peas & Butta party then you know we show the rarest and finest visuals all shown from my personal stash.  I love getting records together for a party but I have equally as much fun going through my 3000+ archive of videotapes of rare footage, concert performance, shows, trailers and other goodies and pulling then splicing them together to create visuals that would complete the vibe of the party.  While many parties I see pulling visuals from Youtube, I go the extra mile and dig from my own collection, it's the difference of spinning Serato or reissued records versus spinning vinyl and original pressings.  Yes it takes hours to complete one master tape that is then edited down to DVD but it's well worth it and fun to do.

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