Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boogie Juice - Copenhagen's Finest

I always have to give major shouts to DJ's that throw parties and stick with it through the up's and downs.  It's not easy taking on the dual task of DJ and Promoter and packing people in the building.  Sometimes you might have 400 people (as was the case this past weekend), while other times there might be 150.  But one things for sure, they always leaving knowing that they had the time of their lives!  Thank you to the homies over at the Boogie Juice party in Copenhagen for inviting me back once again this year to DJ the Floor Wars after party. This is one of those parties that I go into hoping that I get to spin at least a 3 hour set so that I can go musically across the board. These guys are always doing their best to bring quality to the party scene and are pretty much the only game in town when it comes to Hip Hop, Soul, Boogie, RNB and Latin sounds.  It's easy to do a top 40 commercial night, not so easy to make people understand music with substance.

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