Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Burger King

Just give me the trophy now! My burger quest still continues and I've had some great ones along the way.  A few weeks back while in Leuven Belgium, my friend Svekke who is also a burger connoisseur said that he had a great spot to introduce me to.  Fast forward a bit and we're at Ron Blacks enjoying what I have to say might very well fit on my list of favorites.  The beef was marinated in Jack Daniels which gave it additional flavor to the already properly seasons meat.  My only gripe about the burger was the bun fell apart on me a bit which you and I both know, the bun is key!  But it might have just been a fluke so I'll have to venture back there in the near future to test it out again.  All in all, the burger was great!

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