Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ophelia's - A Unique Denver Experience

Over the years I've DJ'd at a lot of venues of varying types.  From the high end to the underground, from the worn out let it run as it is to the "we took great care in how we wanted to design our business" venues.  This past Saturday while in Denver I got to spin at what definitely has to be a very unique and now one of my favorite places to not only work, but enjoy.  Ophelia's is a new venue (only open 5-6 months) and located in the only section of the city that black Jazz musicians were allowed to play.  The venue itself was a former brothel, peep show and porn book store and the owners kept it historically and visually correct when designing it.  After 3 years of excavations and renovations Ophelia's opened and now serves as an intimate venue with a unique dining and musical experience.  From what I've been told by the managers, the owner is a big collector of many of the things that I'm into and collect which is why the venue features original nude black light velvet curtains, framed sexploitation posters and vintage pinball backglass artwork used to decorate the bar top.  The first thing I thought of when taking a walk around was classic NYC Time Square 42nd Street where anything goes and they definitely captured that vibe perfectly!

With a full dining experience, amazing food, great drinks, musical entertainment and one of the friendliest staffs I've ever worked with all under one roof, there's no wonder why Ophelia's is quickly making a name for itself in the city and is definitely something I've yet to see anywhere else here in the states. Definitely looking forward to making a return to soak in even more.

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