Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spreadin' Knowledge

So yesterday I had the pleasure of doing a lecture at one of the best Ivey League colleges, Cornell University in upstate New York with my Rock Steady Crew family Crazy Legs, Ynot and Bonita. Now this wasn't just a class with some professor who claims to know about Hip Hop but a Q & A with people who actually live this culture. I was very surpised at the level of knowledge that some people already possessed about people like legendary graff artits Dondi and others involved. What was also a surprise was that no one mentioned any of these "now so-called Hip Hop artists" which lets me know that this culture still has a pulse and people are still interested in it! The lecture wasn't just about the music but also the environment in which it came from and how it evolved. Definitly a good experience on both sides of the fence with the Q & A, more colleges need to involve "qualified" people who are involved in Hip Hop and not just some professor who claims to know about it.

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Saratoga Sake said...

Nice to hear that! I get frustrated at most universities that have hip hop classes or lectures. sat in a few and it got really heated hahahaha lots of eye rolling and what does this white boy know about hip hop type of shit.

one time they pulled out the movie "kids" and played a short clip and said in this hip hop movie can you see the influence in the culture. I was flabbergasted! I instantly raised my hand and said that is no hip hop movie. that's a movie dealing with social issues that happens to have rapp in the back ground and they say yo and fuck alot . what the hell does that have to do with hh culture. absolutely nothing. they were stunned! oh man they went off on me.