Saturday, March 22, 2008

Undrcrwn vs. Ubiq Party

Seems like I've been going out alot these days but this past Thursday was definitly a good reason to be out and about. Not only was it the first day of spring but I had the honor of spinning the Undrcrwn vs Ubiq March Madness party along with my cousin DJ Cash Money and Deuce. For those that don't know about Undercrwn their a street wear brand that thats heavily influenced by college hoops and Ubiq is the place to cop the fresh kicks. The event was sponsored by EA Sports (NCAA 2008), Skullcandy, Two One Five Magazine and Mountain Dew. These guys went all out with the decorating of the store, all the merchandise was removed and Undrcrwn set up shop to look like a college with display cases full of trophies, memorabilia, merch and more. EA Sports had two setups both equipped with flat screens, playstation 3 and xbox360 all with NCAA 2008 ready to go. Upstairs had the bar and the DJ set up and mobs off people getting sweaty. And of course special guests like Mos Def always seem to show up unexpectedly.

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Tha S Ence said...

i didnt get to make it out but i ended up coppin the grey jawn