Sunday, November 30, 2008


War movies have always been some of my favorite joints to watch, especiall World War II german flix. This shit looks on point!


dutchbboy said...

I Say
Guns of Navarone...
Bridge over the River Kwai
A bridge to Far

3 of my favorites WW2 classics


Skeme Richards said...

Oh damn! Your up on your WW2 flix. Those are definitely high on my list as well, you can never go wrong with them!


Tha S Ence said...

im excited for this joint, but i have to say, i dont know if im ready for tom cruise to play this role

Skeme Richards said...

Just found out that there was a movie in Germany that came out in 2004 (which this makes this 2008 version a remake) called Operation Valkyrie. Might have to peep it before I see the Cruise version.