Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What the fuck is going on with Hollywood?!?

Ok, if you've been reading my blog then you know my anger with Hollywood. While on an hour long phone conversation with my man Lancealot, we discussed how wack shit is especially with these remakes of movies. Two in particular is the remake of The Last Dragon and the other is The Karate Kid, but why in the hell are they being remade????

1. The Last Dragon, this one is co-produced and Im sure starring The Rza and also Samuel Jackson. Why?

2. The Karate Kid, Will Smiths son will star as the Karate Kid....Why?

Now Im not going to make this a long drawn out post but damn, these movies arent old enough, are too classic and dont need to be done over. Get new fucking ideas!


Mikey McFly™ said...

They are murdering our era's gems fam.... its downright tragic... Hollywood is running out of idea

bookum said...

I agree. I think these two as well as all the other re-makes that have been coming out recently, are a business move. Even if they suck, producers know they all ready have a fan base. They are not as willing to risk their money on an original story. Art vs. Business as usual.