Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Back from Seattle

Ok, so Im finally getting around to updating after last weekends trip to Seattle. I'll make it a quick one since Im on the go and have a couple articles that Im writing for a magazine and a blog and deadlines have come and almost gone!

Seattle was dope as usual, fresh air and the weather was perfect. My man Dialog brought me out to rock his annual jam 360 which is always dope, got to link up with a bunch of poeple that I havent seen in a year so thats always a plus. Before the jam though I linke up with my homey Ohmega Watts who told me about a crazy record shop that his friend runs so you know I had to check it out! All Im going to say is it was bananas, crazy large warehouse plus the basement every genre, 12"s 45's and more. I only had a few hours to spend there and bought some good shit for good prices plus the family discount made it even sweeter. But to show you just how sweet it really is, I've already booked a flight back out in a couple of weeks to spend the entire weekend combing the walls for those heavenly gems!

These pics dont do any justice because there were rows, isles and walls full of vinyl. Plus the basement was completely filled.


Believe said...

Update me when you find a warehouse filled with pro keds, mock necks, cazals, and kangols.

Skeme Richards said...

hahah...your an ass! How about 110instamatic kodak film? Thats before your time!

ill literate said...


Daily Diggers said...

happy diggin' Skeme...!!

man that place looks heavenly. Don't forget the spare batteries for the portable, and the handwipes to take care of them dusty digits.

Kid Dyno

Believe said...

I wouldn't stop you from buying me anything. Believe that!