Friday, June 5, 2009

Sweden (Day 3)

Today was pretty much a chill day for me. Did a short lecture on the connection between the DJ and the Bboy which really turned out dope, gave people an indepth look into how the two really work together. Got to chillout at the "Wall of fame" with Wane and Sign while they did their pieces. After a full day of chillin in the sun it was back to freshen up to hit the club. Went to this spot where they happened to be having an afterparty for some Skateboarding event that was going on in Malmoe at the same time so it was mad packed with drunk skate kids. Bumped into Maylay Sparks and had a few drinks then a short stint of being introduced to people and passing out business cards it was back to the hotel around 3am to pack for a 12p flight back to the illadelph.

Outside the club

Maylay Sparks & Freeze (Ghost Crew)

My Russian Female Assasination Squad(Every Supa Genius should have one). Wary The Warrior

New York City represent, represnt!

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