Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweden (Day 2)

Ok this is more like it, today started out early as usual with me waking up at the crack of dawn which is arond 7:30am. Went downstairs to grab some breakfast and get mentally prepared for the day. The only job for me today was to speak on the panel discussion which is simple. The 3 hour panel discussion went pretty quick especially when you have so many people on the stage but I think it enlighten some people that aren't involved in this culture so thats always a plus. After the panel is was basically just building with cats, exchanging business cards and scheduling my next trips to Europe. Also while the building is going on there walls were being bombed with the freshest burners and pieces, shit is so dope when all of the elements are coexisting together properly. Lunch was next then off to this art gallery party showcasing various graff photographs from writers all over Europe. Five or so beers later its back to the park to catch Jeru The Damaja and J-Ro from The Alkaholics performing. Always dope to hear Jeru do "Come Clean" and other classic joints! Bumped into Maylay Sparks as well who will be performing tonight and also Wildchild from Lootpack.

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Skambeezy said...

ummmmm f*ck you and sweden!! lol

get back safe