Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quality Clydes, Not Quantity Puma!

Back in 05 when Puma started dropping the vintage Clydes' line I was ahead of the curve with copping them to relieve my 70's and 80's and became known as the guy on the scene with mad flavors that you just couldn't find at the time. After a few years bboys started overdoing the "Pumas" just for the sake of having them in a bunch of colors. But what I had noticed was they weren't rocking "Clydes" they were wearing "Suedes" and calling them Clydes. After that I started seeing peoples Myspace pages with pics of all their "Clydes" (but were Suedes) and bragging about how many that they had. Here's a little history.... Back in the day Suedes were wack and still are! If you wore Suedes back in the day you got called wack and you weren't fly or official! Same rule applies now! Quality over quantity! And please retire the stupid colorways that some of you guys are wearing!

All flavors, even custom Skeme Richards Sesion31's, limited edition Horse Hairs, and limited edition leather with suede.


Downroc said...

True Skeme, but from a bboy perspective, although Clydes look the freshest, suedes are far superior to dance in.

yass said...

fuck suedes bro they rip apart too easily .. i learned that the hard way skeme, when i ship my collection to the states ill hit you up wit some papa

definitely a G in the game skeme since i met you

Yass said...

clyde NEVER get fucked up