Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Beat Mission

Been meaning to post about this topic for over a year now and never got around to it, but there's no better time then the present! One of my favorite spots to hit in Philly is the Milk Crate Cafe which is owned by my man Botany 500 (who used to own Cue Records). From time to time my phone rings and I see his name on the ID which means he's got something for me. What makes this spot unique is that its a record / coffee / breakfast / bagel spot, hence Milk Crate Cafe. So B5 calls me up and says I've got some 45 heat for you so of course I wake up in the morning and head down. Before the scavenger hunt begins he fixes me up a nice bacon egg and cheese bagel with a tea and then its on.

Besides the 45's that B5 had for me and the 12's and LP's that I found in the bins the comeup of the day definitely goes to the OG pressing of Can I Get A Soul Clap 12" by Grand Wizard Theodore & The Fantastic Romantic 5 that I pulled from the bins.

Perfect morning of diggin!


DJ Synapse said...

I was in Philly recently, and checked out this spot. AMAZING place.

Skeme Richards said...

Whats up Synapse. Yeah, I love going in there. Especially when he gets new stock in!