Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hot Peas and Butta 3D 3 Yr Anniversary

Time is really zipping by these days but I'm really excited to be celebrating the Hot Peas and Butta 3D 3 Year Anniversary. We've got a great lineup of DJ's for the night, in addition to myself and Amir we've got very special guests Monk One (Wax Poetics) and Chairman Mao (BumpShop / Ego Trip) on deck with us. Now your probably asking yourself what's up with the 3D right? Well here's how it's gonna go down.... It's our 3rd anniversary so we're celebrating in 3D. That means in addition to all of the funk & soul goodness that your gonna hear, we're putting together a fine selection of classic 3D trailers and movie snippets combined with the already quality viewing that your used to. But that's not all, to keep in Hot Peas fashion we're giving away goodie packs to the first 100 people and included in that bag will be a pair of classic 3D glasses just in case you wanna experience the night in a totally different way.

If your walking around or shopping in NYC within the next week or two and you see a flyer be sure to pick it up. The flyer you see will most likely be in 3D with glasses attached, yes we're taking this 3D thing to the extreme but it would be Hot Peas and Butta if we didn't!

Be sure to RSVP asap on the Hot Peas site!

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