Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hot Peas and Butta 3yr Review Pt 3

Continuing on with the Hot Peas and Butta 3 year review I have to dive back into the photo archives to re-live one of the freshest moments which was the Black Dynamite movie making it's debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC. This was a great opportunity that was put on us and we knew that we couldn't just do the same old "release" party jazz. So instead just as in the movie, we payed homage to the blaxploitation era by showcasing a few posters from my collection to bring everything together within the theme of the evening. A gallery feel, with me providing the Hot Peas and Butta soundtrack courtesy of dusty old 45's to a packed house of incredible people that came out to support the event including Black Dynamite himself Michael Jai White. This was an incredible night indeed and really shows that sometimes you have to go the extra mile, anyone can play records but to capture the essence of the theme and throw a unique party is something else.


Anonymous said...

Ive been asking this question in a few places..

Where does one find that water color poster? (Y'know, the the one at the top)

I'm sure being the poster fiend you are Skeme that you'll have some knowledge as to where one of these is hiding?


Soul Safari

venoms5 said...

Man, some amazing posters there! SAVAGE! is coming out on DVD soon, too, I think. I love me some TRUCK TURNER, Skeme! I mean I absolutely LOVE that damn movie. I did a review for it a couple years ago and in tribute of Hayes, I added a Truck Turner rap at the end, sort of a visual style trailer in the way they used to do the blaxploitation movies back then. You seen the trailer for DR. BLACK & MR. HYDE? Like that. They don't make'em like that no more!

SLAUGHTER is another classic. Jim Brown was and still is the man. I like his movies better than Fred Williamson. As much as I do like Williamson, Brown at least looked way more convincing in his fight scenes.

Skeme Richards said...

Soul Safari, that poster was done in very and when I say very, I mean very limited supplies. It was a promo that was sent to various events to be used and sent back, similar to how posters were sent with the film to different theaters years ago. A couple were also given out to a few lucky people I guess you can call them. I have one but I have never seen it pop up in the wild. The actual poster that was used in theaters is different than this one. There is also another water color poster done with japanese writing that was also done but I believe there were even fewer of those done, maybe even only 1. I would love to get my hands on that one.

Hopefully something will pop up and you'll be able to catch it, its definitely a rare find!

Skeme Richards said...

I've got the original Savage VHS but would love to have it on dvd, maybe with some extras. A friend an I just talked about Truck Turner the other day, I agree that its high on the list of favs.

They definitely don't do trailers like that anymore, sucks too. But that's why you need to make it out to a Hot Peas and Butta, we show the best visuals during the party!

For this event we tried to pick the best posters that had the best visuals on them and I think we nailed it with this selection. There were a few more hung up for the night as well. One of my favs that night was the Turkish Hell up in Harlem which alot of collectors there that night had never seen before so that was a good feeling.

venoms5 said...

Yeah, TRUCK was, to me, the epitome of what made those movies so much fun and also what made so many snub their noses at them for stereotypes. And I don't care what anybody says, I thought Isaac Hayes did just fine as double T.

Maybe I can make it to one of your shows at some point, Skeme. They look to be lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Skeme..

That would explain a lot! I've searched for this everywhere and like you say the other posters are turning up in abundance.

Keep me in mind should one turn up..I gotta feeling that this one going to evade me for a very long time!

Soul Safari

Skeme Richards said...

I'll definitely reach out to you if one pops up. It's definitely one that you should have in the archives!