Monday, June 13, 2011

Future Hunt

I'm always on the hunt for the rarity that exists like the Black Dynamite poster that was only given out to certain people so when something similar comes along I'm on the never ending quest to have it.

Artist Paolo Rivera was commissioned to create a special poster as a gift for the Captain America movie’s cast and crew. This poster captures the essence of the World War II era posters and he did a great job of keeping it official.

"The prints, limited to 100 or so, were reproduced at actual size. I was given access to a vast collection of production stills—each emblazoned with a watermark pattern of my name from which I selected my favorites. All of the lettering is hand-drawn, with the exception of the small credits at the top and bottom (I ran out of steam). While I did some post-production work in Photoshop, the original looks more or less like what you see here."

I'll probably have to wait until one of the cast members hit's hard times and wants to sell to get my hands on one but who knows, everything pops up at an auction for sale sooner or later.

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