Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Printed Matter

One of the necessary things that I always need to do before jumping on long flights is make a pre boarding stop to the bookstore for some reading material. But over the last few years I've noticed that pickings have become slim with finding good magazines with quality content to keep me occupied while flying the friendly skies. There's tons of garbage out there but nothing that I would want to spend my $5.99 on only to throw away once I land. I really miss the days of independent magazines, DIY newsletters and Zines which you could find without even trying but with the cost of printing higher and advertisers being selective the little guy is left to work with a minimal budget.

While going through some boxes today I pulled out some classic graff magazines from the early 90's that was easily obtainable at your local Hip Hop shop or Tower Records. Seeing some of the photo's really takes me back to the good days.

I'm sitting on a ton of these rare gems that fetch a pretty penny on the market, if you can find them.

On The Run Book ft. Seen

Those that know, know!


kon said...

nice... wish i still had my skillz mags.

idiotproof67 said...

I still have my Subway Suns from Phase himself. Somehwere deep in a box.

Daily Diggers said...

Dope shit Skeme, I cant get enough books lately. Check out MOSNETRS OF ART special edition - wholecars and end2end galore!! I still got a shoebox full of graff flix somewhere from NYC mid 90s. I will hunt it down....KID DYNO

Daily Diggers said...

that should be MONSTERS OF ART, since when was I dyslexic???!!!