Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Loose Titles (Photographer)

Just like everything else that was the norm before and became overly done and included in this "now cool" world of everyone being a "DJ", the camera has become that trendy thing that everyone brags about spending money on for their Canon 7d's or Nikons. Though most of those people don't have extra lenses, accessories, lighting or better yet a studio all seem to call themselves "photographers". Growing up as a kid and even adulthood I like most people owned a camera but never took on the title "photographer". I sent my film out to be developed which meant I was just a picture taker, same with all these people who never shot film and have never personally developed film but have expensive cameras and call themselves photographers.

In DJing, those people that bought / buy records can claim the DJ title, an expensive camera, photoshop and a laptop doesn't make you a photographer. I've painted my house but I'm not a painter nor do I call myself a professional painter! Master your craft then give yourself a title!

I've owned this camera since I was about 10 and could still take better shots then most of these "picture takers" that became photographers in the last 5 years.

Rant over.

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Michael Beon said...

its one too many culture vultures out here man... being a photographer has become trendy as hell