Monday, September 19, 2011

Running The Streets of The Windy City

Had a great day in Chicago with my HP&B fams, Supreme La Rock and King Otto. Preme and Otto arrived a day earlier than I did and had already done some major diggin so when I arrived on Friday morning I need to get my fix in. So we spent the day hitting various shops, eating at the worlds famous Harold's and stuck in traffic.

First on the agenda was to hit Mr. Peabody Records where we all came up on some nice pieces at great prices, 45's, Disco 12"s, and old school Hip Hop joints. Can't complain about a thing. While there we of course had to sign the legendary wall fame and snap a few pics with the owner. Besides having a nice selection of records any place that has framed classic posters, lobbies and press photos is alright with me.

From there it was off to a famous Chicago institution, Harold's Fried Chicken. Chicago is known for three things, deep dish pizza, hot dogs and Harold's so being that it was only a few doors down guess what we chose?

After eating we drove a few blocks to a spot which I can't remember the name but they had a ton of records which turned into multiple copies of records you didn't want. Not a win situation.

After about an hour of driving, being stuck in traffic and finding the new location we arrived at Fire Sound Records only to find that the store is not fully open and they are still moving in inventory. No worries though, the owner let us go through crazy boxes of stuff and we all came up on alot of stuff. This was probably the best stop of the day for finding records.


Funk-Im said...

lots of diggin to do.

Skeme Richards said...

Yes sir! Chicago is filled to the brim with records!