Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mirror Universe

I have to say I'm blessed to have creative people around me that inspire me and that I in return inspire. People that are unique and hold it down in their crafts and strive to separate themselves from everyone else. I met up with my cousin KrausPhade today at his crib for lunch and if you know him then you know he takes his photography serious. Before I got a chance to bless him with a copy of BTWN THE BRKS magazine that he did a photo shoot of me for he hits me with the "yo, I just added to the collection, I got this 1970 Polaroid" Now most "photographers" today shoot only digital and use photoshop but Sir Kraus shoots film, Polaroids and digital but doesn't use photoshop. So he snapped this pic of me today using the Polaroid and I must say, it's looking vintage without using an app to make it look vintage.


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