Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coffee Table Status: Ultimate Star Wars Figures

Correct me if I'm wrong but this is the first time that a book has been done of this magnitude and complete with every Star Wars figure since it's initial release.  I'm sure fellow collectors like DJ Neil Armstrong or Cut Chemist would enjoy this on their coffee table being that they are heavily into the franchise.

This book showcases the complete and definitive collection of more than 2,500 figures produced over the last 35 years.  Figures can be traced from there evolution in toy form from the time of their firsts appearance through the current design of today (including variants).

Compiled by Stephen J. Sansweet, owner of the world's larges private collection of Star Wars memorabilia.

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venoms5 said...

Great post! I had all but seven of the original Kenner SW figures between the three films. My brother ended up tearing the arms and legs off of them, though.