Monday, November 5, 2012

We Play Records For People That Want To Dance

Had an amazing time rocking on the West Coast this past week with some of my favorite DJ's in the world.  This past Thursday night was with the homie DJ Excel at the only place that I need to play at when in Las Vegas, Insert Coins.  Friday night was in Seattle with my brotha Supreme La Rock and the gentlemen from DUG spinning all Funk & Soul 45s to an amazing crowd as always that love what we do.  Saturday night I made my return visit to L.A. to play at Funky Sole with Music Man Miles and Clifton and oh what a reunion it was!  The place was packed early and everyone came through ready to sweat and that's exactly what they did as we dropped crazy Funk, Soul, Latin, Brazilian Funk and Reggae Funk 45s.  It's been a minute since I've had that type of weekend of back to back, non stop, limited amount of sleep pleasure but it definitely continues to tell me that you don't have to sacrifice your art and creativity by playing bullshit music, you just need to find your lane and give the people that appreciate substance what they need.

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