Saturday, August 31, 2013

Helsinki at 45rpm

Man, I really wish I had taken better pics of this party on my first night in Helsinki.  But I think you can tell what type of night and how packed it was from these.  Let me start by saying that I firmly stand by my choices in the music that I play and that includes many genres, at the end of the day it's all about good music and it's the DJ's job to educate the listener!  So with that being said....  Another reason why I love traveling is to see what people react to and then do my best to take them on a journey which is exactly what I did during my gig in Helsinki.  I was hired to do a 2hr set after the resident DJ opened, his set was mostly electro and alot of 80's which sounded great behind the Funktion One sound system.  I got on around midnight and decided to change the pace up to something I'm sure this crowd (which consisted of hipsters, cool kids, the in crowd etc) wasn't expecting.  My set was completely 7" Funk, Soul, Latin and Hip Hop with the Funk, Soul and Latin being the winners on the night.  The crowd completely set the dance floor a blaze to music that they've probably never heard of (minus a few tunes here and there) which reconfirms what I've known, find your lane and rock with it.  Don't dumb down your music and don't dumb down people that are open, leave the dumb music for those dummies that are clueless!  Let's just say that at the end of the night I got a standing ovation from the crowd and even the bar tenders and club booker approached me and said that they had never seen this place rock how it did tonight.

*Note: My set was only for 2hrs after at which the resident said I might as well keep on rocking and close out the night which made my set 3 1/2hr.  Power to the music and power to the people that actually get it!

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