Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Soul of Saint Petersburg

Yesterday was an extremely long day especially after DJing the Cosmopolitan event, DJing the after party, then going to the after after party there was only enough time for a 2 1/2 hr nap then waking up to make my 6am train from Finland to Russia to meet up with Misha Chak for Fun City Shingaling.  Mad tired on the train and not being able to sleep due to customs agents and guards always checking for passports, the 3 1/2 hr train ride actually went by a lot quicker than I expect.  Once arriving in Saint Petersburg I met up with Mr. C, strolled the streets a bit, stopped back past his home to listen to records on his amazing hi fi sound system, drink tea then rest before heading out the first of two parties that I am doing this weekend.

After a little rest we jumped the subway and headed to the center of town to our party of the evening at Taiga which is a really cool outdoor alley way area with a few artist shops, tables with people eating and drinking, a really cool barber shop and of course DJ set up with just enough speakers to fill the space nicely playing Soul 45's.  When we arrive things are already in full swing and people seem to be enjoying themselves.  Before going on I sat and had a bite to eat and a couple glasses of white wine before signing autographs for people who actually know who I am and came out specifically to hear me spin.  Great to know that there's people that follow me that are not in the dance scene only but people who love this music and the DJ's that play it as well.

All in all it was a great way to start my weekend off playing tunes for people, I was extremely happy to be able to play some Sweet Soul, Modern Soul and Latin 45's that I haven't been able to throw in the mix lately so the time and vibe was perfect.  Tonight we're off to the grand re-opening of Mr. C's "Fun City Shingaling" at Mope which has an amazing sound system and a great club atmosphere party for more madness.

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