Monday, July 14, 2008

(Coffee Table Status) Industry rule # 4080 1/2.....

Everybody in the business is shady! A Tribe Called Quest said it best!

No matter if your in the music, movie, car or any other type of manufacturing business theres always gonna be the shady shit going on, especially when its an industry that is relatively young and still being figured out. We've seen it happen plenty of times, but the masses only see the popular side of it, ie: music industry. How many people knew that the original creators of Superman just got their rights back for the Hero? Well another "Heroes" story gets told....When you say Spiderman you think Stan Lee, well thats only half. The other co-creater is Steve Ditko who was the artist that was drawing the early Spidey comics and who seems to have been "blackballed" from the comic industry. Ditko, the 80 year old still active individual is living in Manhattan and has a new book out "Strange and Stranger: The World Of Steve Ditko. This guy could make millions off of his original drawings but higher forces seem to be holding him back. His new book is a biography and has alot of his original artwork, this definitly gets the nod from me as July's coffee table status. This is essential reading for any comic book lover looking for a good storyline. I would love to have have some of this guys original Dr. Strange art framed and hanging in my crib.

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