Thursday, July 10, 2008

What are you into?

Whats good in your world? What are you currently into? Put me onto something, I dont care if its a movie, book or magazine, music, videogame or whatever? I need something new to check out.

Put me on!!


Mikey McFly said...

I'm into music right now... trying to learn and do as much with Hip-Hop as possible but I have a feeling thats not an area thats new to you lol


Nas Newest album is dope

The new Hustle Simmons album is dope

I nabbed this D'Angelo album of rarities and unreleased joints thats ill.

I got stuff by the Nujabes (japanese producer) that you would dig.

Hit me up and I can hook u up with all the albums.

As far as videogames,.. Nintendo DS with Mario 3 and My dreamcast that I play all the old nintendo games on.

Mikey McFly said...

Skeme Richards said...

Yeah, the Dreamcast is definitly one of my top 3 systems. Yo, good looking on the music, you always need something refreshing to keep you motivated!