Sunday, July 20, 2008

Money Makin' Manhattan Burger!

Ok, first let me say that I dont have a picture of this burger(but I will snap one next time). Every month when I'm on route to the good ol' NYC to do "The Go Off!", an all classic Hip Hop, Funk and Soul party I always have to stop at 7A which is this dope little restaurant that serves up an incredible burger. The thing that makes this burger is the way its cooked, flamed broiled! You can taste the charbroiled flavor throughout the burger and it even has the pretty grilled lines on the burger and bun! The spot is located on 7th and A, hence the name 7A.

Editors note: Get bacon and cheddar cheese on it!


Statik (ill!) said...

This is my spot. Haven't been there in a minute. You definitely leave smelling like burgers though. lol!

djmaneone said...

u need to take me to that place when I'm out there !