Monday, August 25, 2008

"The art of it all"

So Im half way thru the home remodeling projects, most of the walls are painted but I still havent started putting a fresh coat of polyeurothane done to give the hardwood floors that "Madison Square Gardens" finish. But I've decided to hang / rehang a few pieces back up on the walls. One piece thats in my living room is a rare framed Turkish version of Jimmy Wang Yu's film The One Armed Boxer" Now I know your saying to yourself a movie poster??? Stop right there damnit! Education time. A lady friend stopped by the house yesterday to admire my skills when it comes to doing home improvements which got her approval but she says "we need to get you some art" So I began to give her the rundown of the "art" of rare and vintage movie posters. Here's a brief history, movie posters before the mid 80's were all done by artists (unlike later movie posters that are photographs taken from the film), these posters were drawn or hand painted and took time to do. So basically these could be canvas pieces but instead represented movies, especially the foreign versions. Go back and look at films such as the original Star Wars (1977), James Bond films (60's-70's), Japanese versions of Godzilla, Mothra etc. Blaxploitation and other genres then look at the detail and craftmanship that went into it. These foreign version go for big bucks if you can find them and I've collected a nice amount of them in the stash still waiting to be framed. Props to my man Lance who actually broke down some of the techniques used in the art process to making some of these great pieces. So remember anything can be art if you see it as so.

And speaking of art, there are three artists that I would love to have pieces by them hanging up in my crib, Ewok ( a self portrait by my man Sake from San Diego ( original X-Men comic art from artist John Byne (80's).

So this week is art week!

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