Monday, August 25, 2008

Skateboard Art

Skate art is some of the flyest shit!

This past weekend featured the opening exhibition of the skateboard art-related show, SK8OLOGY presented by ISM. With such a strong connection between art and the skate deck as a canvas, over the years a large culture has developed on this concept as numerous artists and pros donated boards for the exhibit. A list including Craig Stecyk, Nathan Pratt, Steve Caballero and Danny Gonzales, Jason Lee from My Name is Earl and Mike Shinoda of Linkin’ Park as well as international roster of artists including Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, Chet Zar, Luke Chueh, Pearl C Hsiung, Sandow Birk, Tessar Lo, and Yoskay Yamamoto all had a hand in the exhibit (full list of contributors seen here). The next stop for the tour is San Diego’s Action Sports Retailer Trade Show from September 4-6 and then the Surf Expo, September 12-14. Proceeds from the event will be donated to Now That You Know, a non-profit organization which benefits girls from developing countries looking to fulfill their ambitions.

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