Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back from Houston, TX!

Finally back from last weekends trip to Houston, TX to rock with me peoples from Havikoro at the event Battle Supreme. Besides the 104 degree heat I had a great time out there and as always I gotta get my beef on! So where else to get the best barbeque Brisket then in Texas! In addition to spinning their jam I also did a lecture in conjunction with my man Focus from Flow Mo Crew. He taught a very heavy class that would give the most in shape person a run for their money. After he's class I immediately went into the lecture on "The Connection between the DJ and the bboy". The lecture went better than I had hoped for which lasted a little over an hour and the Q&A segment was official! Shouts to everyone that was involved especially my homey Christian who looked out for me like a 31'er!

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