Saturday, August 29, 2009

What the FUCK happened!?

1. To People who knew what time is?
2. To People that gave a shit about quality?
3. To parties that were fun?

Shouts to my man Supreme who recently wrote in his blog about the fucked up state of this DJ shit and I agree with him 110%. But in addition to these no dues paying, I'll spin for free DJ's the blame also goes to the people that go out and support wack shit just because that club is the place to be seen. Im talkin about the people that stand around and drink but don't dance or better yet smile. The people that only nod there heads or throw their hands up because you played Biggie One More Chance or some new top 40 shit. Now don't me wrong I love ALL genres of music, there is good and bad in them all but if the party is rockin and you throw on something that people might not know that doesn't mean to stop dancing. I love this digital shit because it made my travels just that much easier, but I still love that vinyl shit 100% more and I can rock a party using either medium but this shit has really gone to the dogs! Peace to cats that really know what time it is!

Kings of Diggin'
w/ Soulman & Supreme La Rock

w/ Amir (of Kon & Amir)

w/ Ohmega Watts

w/ Egon (Stones Throw)

w/ Bobbito aka Kool Bob Love!

And to every other dope DJ from A to Z that loves the music!


blax said...

Keep that shit alive and doing what you do. Stay up, my dude!


Skeme Richards said...

Yo Blax!! Whats good cousin? Staying busy as usual Im sure!


miguel said...

word up. same thing happening in the west coast where i'm at, plus adding that some girls can't dance if their life depended on it, haha. worse is if they're trying to get your attention but their dancing is so bad. skeme make those shirts already so i can show people whats up haha. peace

Daily Diggers said...


Skeme my mellow my man ... it ain't no different here in LONDON . Every mofo AND their grandmother seems to be a "dj" these days.

But it doesn't make them a true PARTY ROCKER - only cats like us with the real knowledge can really do that shit.

Those flicks are nice man, a whole lotta legends right there.
SKEME, SOULMAN and SUPREME - now thats a DJ team no-one could fuck wit!

Wannabee DJs can lick the sweat of my nuts!