Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On the go!!

Haven't updated in the last week or so because I've been crazy busy. So Im updating a few different flicks from a few different events all in one post. I'm off to Helsinki Finland in the morning to spin a couple club dates, plus Circle Prinz and UK Champs Prelims so I'll have plenty of pics when I return!

Last month at our party "The Great Expression" @ Stay Lounge in NYC.

Friends with Benefits @ The Walnut Room. This was a really dope party!

Spun the Goody! Goody! party last month in NYC and smashed it. Resident DJ Jayceeoh opened things up did his thing, but there was another guest DJ besides myself that went on before me and was straight wack! He cleared the floor something ugly and my time to go on wasnt until 2:30am. I made the best of things and got the people that stayed back into the swing and rocked it from there. Never again!

Chillin with DJ Primetime and my homegirl Candy!

Lancealot and Candy

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