Sunday, May 15, 2011

Amazing 7"

This past Saturday during the Hot Peas and Butta 3 Year party I had the pleasure of finally meeting someone that I had been following for a minute face to face. The individual that I am speaking of is Richard Smith of the Slice of Spice and now Slice of Spice Records. Richard blessed me with a few promo 7's but the one that I want to speak about most importantly is the limited and individually numbered, white vinyl Damu The Fudgemunk produced "Brooklyn Flower" b/w Yes We Can. Let me start by saying that I was pleasantly surprised when I dropped the needle down to hear what was going on. It's strictly beats, cuts and bites on this one here, something that I haven't had in my hands or heard in my ears in a minute, definitely something for the headnodder.

After speaking with Richard for a while he also informed me about his next upcoming project with the homie Paul Nice for his remix "BK We Don't Play" ft. Masta Ace. This was an unreleased track recorded in 2001 and will see the light of day this June, something else to get excited for!

As with the Damu 7" this upcoming Paul Nice release will also be color vinyl (blue), limited and individually numbered with full color cover. If your going to do it then do it right, spare no expense when it comes to your product and that's exactly what Slice of Spice is doing.

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