Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Peas Era Candy

Had a brief conversation with my man Kon (of Kon & Amir) the other day about old school candy of the 70s & 80's. The one in particular was Alexander the Grape which has since been changed to the name Grapeheads which I think sucks! So yesterday I stopped into a local candy store just to gather my bearings on writing this blog update. One thing that I loved about boxed candy was that we used to use the empty boxes as whistles. Notice the art on the Cherry Clan's and Fortune gum, its "politically incorrect" to use those today but it was so much better than the Cherry Heads logo today.

Here are a few of the favorites from past times.



WORD UP!!!!!!!

Elle St. James said...

Love love love Boston Baked Beans! Jawbreakers close second.