Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Dragon Lives

If you were 70's kid like myself then you know Bruce Lee changed the world and how fanatic people are with his history right?!

It's been a year long wait for the new 12" Bruce Lee Enter The Dragon figure but it was well worth it. UPS delivered the package yesterday morning and after opening the packaging it's exactly the quality workmanship that I expect to come from Hot Toys. This figure sold out pretty quick and already on Ebay with the BIN pricing as high as $1,050.00, if your lucky you can catch one for about $399 which was the lowest that I had seen. Secondary market is always a killer and I only resort to that when absolutely my last option.

The really crazy part of this whole thing is how much time the put into creating the final fight scenes with Mr. Han in both the room of mirrors and the previous room. In addition they also have the underground prison area done as well.


fredyblast said...

i so miss the days when action figures came with accessories!and i see you got silly with the Mr Han mirror labyrinth scene set!

Skeme Richards said...

Yup. I just had to Ramo!

venoms5 said...

Nice one, Skeme. The only action figures I remember having in the 70s was a Stretch Armstrong and that Stretch Monster guy, a Planet of the Apes playset and a Godzilla Shogun Warriors with the hand that shot off, but that one might have been in the early 80s, I forget.

Skeme Richards said...

Stretch Armstrong and Monsters are classics. I definitely loved the Apes playsets and the Shoguns. They just don't make classics light that anymore!