Saturday, April 6, 2013

Amsterdam Burger Quest

While on a recent trip to Holland I satisfied my burger craving by sampling what has been rated as Amsterdam's #1 Burger Spot, The Butcher.  This burger spot was recommend by the homie Menno of the Legends Party a few weeks prior so as soon as I had a break in my schedule it was time to meet up with Rob Manga and Jurskee to see why it was rated so high.  Now I've had burgers all around the world but I have to say that this now fits in my top 5 burgers of all time.  The bun was a perfect 10 out of 10, the beef was super on point, great texture, season just right, cooked on open flames and had barely any grease, yet the perfect amount of juice.  I definitely wasn't expecting it to be this good.  Top it off with steak fries and homemade milk shake and we've got a winner.

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