Sunday, April 7, 2013

Turkish Blaxploitation

To be an artist and have "fans" around the world is a great feeling, but to be an artist and have "fam" (family) around the world is another thing.  I've never been one to call those who appreciate what I do as fans, I've always considered them as family especially those who have the utmost appreciation for the things that I'm into outside of DJing.  The people that get to know Skeme Richards as the collector, the Nostalgia King, the guy who is into all sorts of cool shit.  From time to time when traveling people often approach me and ask me questions about those said things that I'm into because they find it interesting.  Other times people already know and understand and gift me with things that they know I'll appreciate.  Last week in Izmir Turkey I was approached by a local who greeted and welcomed me to Turkey and then proceeded to tell me that he brought me something.  Low and behold it was a Turkish Blaxploitation poster for the movie Three Tough Guys... Word! Now that's love right there.  In addition he also laced me with the ill Turkish Funk 7" complete with a nasty break on it.  

It's amazing to travel the world and be greeted with gifts of this nature, let's me know that what I do and portray is really being seen by the world, more than just being a DJ but as a lover of art and culture.

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