Monday, September 16, 2013

Ben Baller x Hypebeast

If there's one thing that I love and always can relate to are the guys that are so successful in they're lanes  that people love to hate them just because they floss extra hard or even floss without trying to floss.  I'm not talking about guys like (_insert name here_) who got into the game late, got some knowledge and then all of a sudden became authorities, tastemakers, know it all's and spokespersons for cool shit.  But the guys who really created they're shit are hated but well respected in the same sentence.  I know a ton of guys minor and major from diggers to bricklayers that people try to shit on but are undeniable "kings" at there craft,  people like Biz Markie for instance.  Ben Baller is one of those guys that has made his way around and I roll with dude and how he gets it in.

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