Friday, September 6, 2013

I'm Not A Wedding DJ

I'm not a wedding DJ but today I will DJ my first wedding.  WHy?  Because the couple met at our Hot Peas & Butta James Brown tribute party a few years back.  Why?  Because they asked that I play strictly 45s, Sweet Soul, Northern Soul and Reggae Soul.  Wedding DJ is something that I never wanted to add to my resume, why?  Not because I can't do them but because I feel like the music should be as special as the moment of two people being bonded and the music should reflect them and who they are.  ANyone can play cheesy pop songs or the standard go to tunes so why not just have an iPod on hand if your going to request or give me a playlist?  Most DJs would do it because it's a big check but for me, DJing should be about enjoyment, not a chore!  So today I leave home the flight case and bring out the fancy Platter-Pak 7" boxes that store the Sweet Soul tunes.

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