Friday, September 27, 2013

Lord Finesse x Slice of Spice Boxset

Wait... Stop the presses!!  The postman just delivered a package filled with several "Slices of Spices"  12 inch vinyl gems from the Lord Finesse catalog.  Mr. Smith if your reading this, I salute you once again for releasing this beautiful and limited boxset of Underboss remixes.  As you seem to do so frequently, you've one up'd yourself once again and I thank you for servicing me with the goods.  If your not in the know about the label known as Slice of Spice then you should get familiar with them ( and all of their rare and unique vinyl releases.  They've released some heavy joints over the last year or so, most which sell out almost immediately and definitely pieces that you'll want in your crates for years to come.  I think it just might be time for me to make my Slice of Spice x Lord Finesse mixtape!

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