Friday, September 26, 2008

1st Annual Philly DJ Day

Today was an amazing day in Philly DJ History, this date marks the 1st Annual Philly DJ Day where every dj from the past and present were in attendance to recreate a similar photo in the essence of "A Great Day In Harlem". People tend to forget that Philly's finest changed the game and how influential this city is. Everyone from Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money and DJ Miz (all 3 won back to back New Music Seminar DJ titles) to DJ Drama, Tat Money and even the cities Mayor, Michael Nutter who was once a Philly DJ as well showed their support for this event. Remember, the reason why each and every Dj turns their tables sideways is because of a Philly DJ, Cash Money! Thats where it all started!

Jazzy Jeff & Cash Money. The two DJ's that changed and influenced every DJ before and after them.

w/ Cash Money and Grand Wizard Rasheen (The man who taught the two dj's that changed and influenced every dj before and after them)

Illvibe Collective, Mike Nyce, Junior, The Record Player (Philly's Finest)


Statik (ill!) said...

Man, What A Day!!!!

The look on your face during the T-Pain record that night is forever etched into my brain. Lol!

Raw Talent Philly said...

I love it!!!
Philly Dj's are always rockin!!!