Monday, September 15, 2008

Last night in Chinatown, NYC!

Ok so last night while in New York doing a gig me and my peeps bounced to Chinatown to grab a bite at Wo Hop (the place that Bruce Lee used to eat at when he came to NYC)and hit one of its best kept secrets at 1am, the Chinatown arcade! Yes, an official hole in the wall dark, loud and packed arcade to peep the new Street Fighter IV game. Wow! is all I can really say, I was never really a diehard fan of the game like others but that shit is bananas! The graphics, sound and game play is crazy. The Chinatown arcade is one of the only few spots in the USA that has the new machine. My peeps are official kings at this shit, so anyone want to place some wagers? Your squad against mine??

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