Monday, September 22, 2008

When did "geek" become "sheek"???

Im really trying to figure this one out! The nerd kids always got picked on in school or in the neighborhood, they were always into their own thing and didn't bother anyone. I was never a nerd nor a geek, I might have been "geeked" about something that I might have been into but I was still the flyest cat you knew! I've had a computer since the Commodore 64 days, I've always read and collected comics, always been into different tv shows and movies and was always on some different sh*t then the next. But it now seems that those people that were truely into what they loved has been eclipsed by those that used to pick on or those who are trying to be "hip" and "savy". More now than ever it seems like people are trying to tell you about something "cool" that you already was up on years ago. I love technology but it seems all the so called cool people have their iphones and try to look really cool with it. I was at the airport this past weekend and this guy was looking at his iphone and he had folders that said things like notes, grocery list, people I owe money to....hahaha a folder that says "people I owe money to"??? Pay your debts and stop standing in lines buying iphones you ass! I dont really know where Im going with this post because there is so much that could relate to this topic but Im sure most of you guys and gals understand what Im talking about right? RZA is deep into his kung fu flix, does that make him a nerd or a geek? No, what about Quentin Tarrantino? He's deep into the kung fu, blaxploitation and film making in general. You can hear when they talk about it how passionate they are about but are they nerds or geeks? "Geeked" about it but not geeks! All you other people that decide to dig up on something just because its the cool thing now, your the fucking geeks, trendy fucking geeks!

Top 5 Trendy shit in my book! (Not In order)

1. The iphone - I hate seeing your 70 year old grandparent using it!
2. Starbucks - Need I say more?
3. DJ's / Producers - Need I say more?
4. Record Collectors - Not the people that really love the music, but the bedroom kids that sit on ebay all day and buy shit because so and so sampled it and then brag about their collection. Then when they see you in the stores shopping their like "yo you know whats on that record? so and so sampled so and so.
5. Anyone he gets into something and then drops it when the next thing comes along!

So to all the nerds and the geeks of the world now is your time to laugh at all those jocks, cool kids, and heffers that used to shit on you!


miguel. dedicate ugly said...

majority of people in society are "leechers" aka jumping on the "band", haha. in the end of the day the people who are left standing are the ones that are true and done it since day one. what up skeme.

miguel, the canadian beacon haha.

ill dash literate said...

djs and producers...weeerdd!! The wackness in the dj scene is amost enought to make me start playing the guitar. someone recently told my homegirl in absolute seriousness "yeah, (name) is a dope dj. he doesn't play any dance stuff at all, just rock"

and for the record, I put (name) because I can't remember the name. I'd name it if I could remember. Wackness must be exposed